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Recruit agent
Cangzhou KeNuo machinery factory
Contact:Mr.Owen ge
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Address:Cangzhou industrial zone, Hebei,China
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                                                                             Recruit agent
         Our factory is the leading manufacturer of machines which cutting and processing iron core for transformer and reactors. The creation of the new technology leads the change of the industry deeply in producing the transformer and reactor.
We hereby invite all the friends in power industry to join us in the wave of technological revolution to become our agents, to obtain a good profit, meanwhile get the right to control in the local market.
The flow chart to be our agent:
Enterprises and practitioners (individual) in transformer and reactor power industry, silicon steel sheet processing industry, or Relations Company.
Issue related materials of the company or proof in this industry.
We will issue a letter of intent to the company who provide more than 3 relevant industries and contact information then keep files. All clients enjoy the discount, once there is business order, we will offer corresponding commissions, and become our formal agent.
Direct purchase of our products, will enjoy the discounts after sales, introduction other client to purchase also will enjoy the discount too.
We welcome professional agency to be our sole agent, first agent, second agent, intention agent according to the sales quantity.
We only authorize one sole agency in the local area who responsible for the sales and related work.
We provide strongly support in technique. Our machine is developed and updated; we provide technical and sales team guidance. One year free of maintenance and change the machine parts. (except human factor).

Welcome foreign customers to call us or email us for related documents.


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